Films in Development and the Occitanie Region

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They can apply for Films in Development:
- Directors and producers established in Occitanie Region who are developing a project linked with Latin America
- Latin American directors established in Occitanie Region


Registration opening date: October 2017, deadline the 4th of December 2017
Registration link here


The selection committee selects 5 projects


Since 2014, 16 projects of the region have been selected:
Conte sous le solstice by Maruani Landa, produced by Louise Hentgen (Bobi Lux)
Dernier contact, by Pierre Carles and Philippe Lespinasse, produced by Youssef Charifi (Pages & Images)
Eldorado by Grégory Lassalle, produced by Alice Baldo (French Kiss)
Revolución a la cubana by Kathy Sebbah and Javier Ruiz Gómez
El Escuerzo by Augusto Sinay, produced by ArgenTIK Cine
L'Homme Caché by Sergio Castro produced by Sonia Paramo (Les Films Figures Libres)
École des Amériques by Stéphane Fernandez produced by Philippe Aussel (Le Lokal)
Ils me laissent l'exil by Laetitia Tura, produced by Alwa Deluze (Anoki)
L'avenir dure longtemps by Pierre Carles produced by Annie Gonzalez (C-P Productions)
Jogos De Mente by Ricky Mastro
X-Files Amazonie by Linda Ferrer Roca
De brique et de tôle by Elsa Deshors produced by Le Lokal
La ciudadela by Rubén Guzmán produced by Sonia Paramo (Les Films Figures Libres)
Un petit bout d'Afrique by Yohan Laffort, produced by Philippe Aussel (Le Lokal)
El patio by Elvira Diaz, produced by Cosmographe Productions
El Aguante by Nina Dupeux and Emmanuel Briand, produced by Respiro Productions


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