La comodidad en la distancia (en)

La comodidad en la distancia
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Jorge Yacoman Saavedra


  • Chile




98 m


Jorge Yacoman


Jorge Yacoman

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Jorge Yacoman


Eusebio Arenas, Alejandro Goic, Ignacio Yovane, Josefina Dagorret, Romina Perazzo, Lisette Lastra, Ernesto Gutiérrez, Valeria Uribe, Aliocha de la Sotta, Sebastián Torres


Synopsis : 

A 24-year-old ex-university student from a well-off family wanders the streets of Santiago de Chile when his father, his only remaining close relative, disappears without warning, leaving him locked out of the house. In the streets he tries to find a home among people he doesn't know and others from his former life, hounded by memories of his past and a strange illness that seems to be rapidly consuming his health.

Director's biography: 

Born in 1988 in Chile, he spent his childhood in Mexico before returning to Chile, where he obtained a diploma as film technician. He has written seven screenplays, three books, two short story collections and a book of poems. He was an electrician on Fernando Guzzoni's Carne de perro, co-screenwriter on Víctor Jiménez' Pasajeros de la Tierra, co-screenwriter and translator into English on Adolfo Cozzi's Estadio Nacional, and assistant stage manager to Alfredo Castro in the La Memoria Theatre. He has directed twelve short films, one of which, A través de tu reflejo (2010), won the second prize for short films by students at the Valdivia Festival. La comodidad en la distancia is his first film.