La salada (en)

La salada
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Juan Martín Hsu


  • Argentina




89 m


Juan Martín Hsu


Ana Remón


Diego Polischer

Director of photography: 

Tebbe Schoening


Ignacio Huang, Yunseon Kim, Chang Sun Kim, Ignacio Toselli, Nicolás Mateo, Mimí Ardú, Paloma Contreras, Limbert Ticona, Lizeth Villaroel, Percy Jiménez


Synopsis : 

A mosaic of the experiences suffered by new immigrants to Argentina, linked through three stories taking place at the La Salada Fair. People of different races struggle with loneliness and feeling far from home: a Korean father and his daughter preparing for an arranged marriage, a young Bolivian freshly arrived in the country looking for work, and a Taiwanese DVD seller who wants a girlfriend to keep him company.


Director's biography: 

Buenos Aires, 1979. Juan Martín Hsu studied Image Design and Sound at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. He made several short films as a director, some of which have garnered myriad awards, such as Ropa sucia (2006). He has also produced other shorts, like Alberto Romero's La loca Matilde and Feliz Navidad by Ezequiel Yanco and Marcelo Pitrola. He was the screenplay editor on the documentary feature film Creating Enemies, directed by Richard Mahoney, and post-production assistant on Celina Murga's Una semana solos, Juan Villegas's Los suicidas and Néstor Lescovich's Yo la recuerdo ahora. La Salada, his first feature, won the First Film Competition at the INCAA in 2011.

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