Hummingbird Heart (en)

Corazón de colibrí



Henry Rincón


  • Colombia

Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

La Ciudad de las Fieras - Compétition Long-métrage de fiction 2021

Script writer(s): 

Henry Rincón


Alexander Obregón (40) is a modest humanities teacher, student leader, and passionate about poetry. After a strange police operation, he is apprehended and accused of belonging to one of the country's guerrillas. This fact led him to "El Pedregal", a dangerous Colombian prison, where prisoners from all social groups coexist. And where he will live the most terrible of humiliations. As a result, Alexander finds refuge in the writing of poems, and in the reading of the prison code, with which he acquires new knowledge, making it available to inmates. This fact leads him to become a social leader of the prison. A story where poetry turns into actions, and actions turn into a man determined to change the lives of thousands.

Visual concept: 

Corazón de Colibrí will walk in the middle of the tragic reality that prisoners live in Latin America, passing through the stakes of power where they unfold in a crude, frontal and eminently visual way. A history of visual contrasts. Since all that violence will be accompanied by poetry, where life is still clinging to any hope. An angel in the depths of hell. It is the line of sight that we want to undertake in this frantic journey.