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-> The call for entries for Cinélatino 2017 will be updated on september 2016. Submissions will open on september and will remain open until December 2016. You can see the Call for entries below regarding the sections and awards of the last edition. 

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Cinélatino 28èmes Rencontres de Toulouse invites directors and producers from Latin America to submit their films for selection for the XXVIII edition of the festival, which will take place in Toulouse, France, from March 11th to 20th, 2016. Entries are open for fiction, documentary, art and experimental films in all full-length, medium-length and short films.

The registered films will have a chance to be selected on the CATEGORIES described below. Films related to Latin america directed by non-latinamerican directors can also participate to be selected for the out of competition sections.

Registration will be open until the 7th DECEMBER 2015, which is the deadline for online submissions and for receiving DVDs in our office.


1. Complete the online application form

Submission is free. The application form collects the information about the film, the director, the production company and the format screening. When applying, you should attach 2 pictures of the film and 1 photo of the director (2Mb max each picture). Trogh the submission form you must send the link to watch the film.

2. Online screener

It is mandatory to send a link to watch the film, respecting the following request :

- Online screener : you can send a private link to watch the film online, such as vimeo, youtube or similar. The festival wont accept links to download the film from we transfer, dropbox, or any other system. It is submissionners responsability to respect this requirement.

- Password : if the link has a password, the festival requires that it will not be modified during the selection process, until march, and until april for selected films.

- Subtitles : if the language of the film is Spanish, the film doesn't need to be subtitled. However, we strongly recommend you to send a subtitled version in English or Spanish if possible. If the language of the film is Portuguese or other language, you must send the screener with subtitles in either Spanish, French or English.

- Send DVDs : if you are not able to send a link, you can send 2 DVDs by post. You will get the instructions in the confirmation email that you will receive after submitting online. It is responsability of the one submitting the films to insure that the DVDs will arrive to the festival offices before the submission closing, stipulated on December 7th.


After sending the submission form, you will receive a confirmation email to the address given on the application form. If you send a link of the film, you won't receive further notifications, as the film will be inmediatly considered in the selection process. If you send DVDs, you will receive a notification as soon as we receive the films in our office.

Films that had already participate in the selection process for 2015 edition are not allowed to participate on the selection process for the 28th edition. 


OFFICIAL Competitions

(In order to participate in the competitive categories of feature films, fiction or documentaries, the film must be unreleased in France and directed by a latinamerican director)

Official competition Feature films of fiction

12 feature films unreleased in France are competing for:

- The Jury’s Crush Prize. The jury is made up of cinema industry professionals. This prize attributes a grant to encourage the french distribution of the awarded film in France. This sum includes:
> 3000€ in cash for the fench distributor
> technical support : subtitling or DCP services for about 2000€ by Le Joli Mai or traduction and adaptation services for 1000€ by Fila 13.

- The Public Prize: This year, the local daily newspaper, “La Dépêche du Midi, : following your emotions”, will support the film that was best received by the public when it was released in Toulouse by offering it an advertising campaign in Toulouse, its region, and Midi-Pyrénées.

- The FIPRESCI Prize, International federation of film Critics, for a first work. The jury is made up of 3 journalists from the international press. The FIPRESCI guarantees a journalistic presence in 60 countries and awards the “International Review Prize” in more than 50 festivals every year, including Cannes Festival.

- The Prize “Découverte" of the French Film Critics, for a first feature film of the director. The jury is made up of 3 journalists members of the French Union of Film Critics.

- CCAS Prize (Caisse Centrale d'Activités Sociales du Personnel des Industries Electriques et Gazières) : A jury made of beneficiaries of Toulouse CMCAS votes for their favorite film. The movie should be suitable for a family audience in order to enable the discovery of a continent through its cinematography. The winner will receive a trophy in partnership with EDF SA and the film will be the screened during the summer 2014 at the CCAS vacation centers.

The Rail d’Oc Prize: Given to a first film by the railway workers who enjoy cinema, “Ceux du Rail”.

Official competition documentaries

> 7 documentaries unreleased in France are competing for:

The Documentary Prize Rencontres de Toulouse "sous l'égide des Médiathèques de Midi-Pyrénées", awarded by a jury of 2 European and Latin American film professionals, and 3 librarians from Midi-Pyrénées. The price endow the director an amount of 2000€ given by the Municipality of Toulouse (€ 1500) and the Library Terra Nova (500 €). The winning film will be proposed to the Commission of Documentary Film Images en Bibliothèques association, responsible for the distribution of films in French media libraries through the network of BPI (Bibliothèque Publique d'Information), the CNC (Centre National du Film and Moving Image) and ADAV (Ateliers Diffusion Audiovisuelle). The librarians from Midi-Pyrénées Region will be invited to purchase the DVD to integrate it in their collections.

- The SIGNIS Prize. A jury made up of professionals from the cinema gives this award. SIGNIS is the World Catholic Organization for Communication.

- The "Lycéen" documentary Prize, given by a jury made up of high school students, after participate in a residence by María Isabel Ospina. Supported by DRAC and DRAAF Midi-Pyrénées.

Official competition short films

7 short films will compete for:

- The Courtoujours Prize: a jury made up of university students from Toulouse, in collaboration with the CROUS, gives this award.

- The SIGNIS Prize short film: a jury made up of professionals from the film industry gives this award.

- The Revelation Prize : a jury composed by a member of ACREAMP, Art Cinema Network of the regions Aquitaine, Limousin y Midi-Pyrénnées, and two professionals form Europe and Midi-Pyrénnées, choose the "revelation" short film. It will be screened in different theaters in Midi-Pyrénnées during the next edition of Cinélatino, on March 2017. This award aims to offer a new window to broadcast films in cinemas and facilitate the encounter with the public.


Découvertes FICTION

Selection of fiction feature films from the current and the previous year, unreleased in Toulouse. The Panorama brings together new directors’ films as well as recognized directors’ films.

Selection of documentary films from the current and the previous year, unreleased in Toulouse.

Découvertes SHORT FILMS
Selection of short films from the current and previous year.



Selection of recent films already released in Toulouse, but worthwhile to see again.



Selection of films from a director which presents as particularly radical or risky point of view, regardless of the difference between documentary and fiction.


Selection of short-films around a director or a subject

JEUNE PUBLIC (Children Program)
Selection of films (short films and feature films of fiction, animated films, documentaries, and others) adapted to the 6/12 years old.

Selection of films presented by Toulouse's associations related to Tango.

Carte Blanche to diferent associations presenting films accompanied by activities and discussions.


Retrospective of 30 films around a subject : GRANDES FIGURES D'AMERIQUE LATINE (2016).

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