Era o Hotel Cambridge (en)

Era o Hotel Cambridge

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Eliane Caffé


  • Brazil




100 min


Eliane Caffé, Luis Alberto de Abreu, Inês Figueró


Lucia Pulido


José Dumont, Suely Franco, Carmem da Silva Ferreira, Magaly Silva, Jussamara Leonor Manoel 


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Synopsis : 

The Cambridge Squatter shows us the unusual situation of the Brazilian homeless and refugees who squat together in an abandoned building in downtown Sao Paulo. The daily tension caused by the threat of eviction reveals the dramas, the joys and the different points of view of the squatters.

Director's biography: 

In 1988, Eliane Caffé directed her first feature film - Kenoma - which knew an international success. It even was screened in numerous festivals all over the world. Her next films - The Storytellers (2003) and The Midday Sun (2009) -  will have a similar fame. She also directed series and documentaries with an experimental point of view. In parallel of these activites, she coordinates the action of audiovisual associations into conflicting areas of Brazil. 


2015 - Era o Hotel Cambridge (documentary)
2011 - Céu Sem Eternidade
2009 - O Sol do Meio Dia - The Midday Sun
2003 - Narradores de Javé - The Storytellers
1998 - Kenoma
1995 - Caligrama (short film)
1990 - Arabesco (short film)
1987 - O nariz (short film)