De todas las cosas que se pueden saber y de algunas otras (en)

De todas las cosas que se pueden saber y de algunas otras

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Sofía Alejandra Velázquez Núñez


  • Peru






Synopsis : 

A group of filmmakers arrives to Santiago de Chuco, a town in the Peruvian highlands where the poet César Vallejo was born. With a casting as an excuse, the filmmakers take over the theater and the inhabitants of the place arrive, gradually unveiling lives embraced by the aura of the poet, who died in Paris seventy years ago. All of them, inhabitants and filmmakers, mix between verses, stories and poetry. Fantasy emerges and characters such as blind Santiago -who rings the bells always warning something-; or the young musician Elder -whose desires emerge like from a cornucopia- trace a liminal path between fiction and reality.


Director's biography: 

Sofía Velázquez is Peruvian. She is a filmmaker, editor and a writer. With the project “About everything there is to know and then some” (provisional title), she participated in the II Andean Workshop on Ideas Development organized by Ibermedia in 2016 and attended the project writing workshop at the International School from San Antonio de los Baños in Cuba (EICTV) that same year. In addition, between 2017 and 2018 she was part of the “Travesías” workshop, organized by the Peruvian-Belgian filmmaker Mary Jiménez. She is member of the “Mercado Central” film and artistic group and, in parallel, she imparts creation workshops for women in seclusion spaces.


Carolina Denegri Sánchez