Desde allá (en)

Desde allá

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International title: 

From afar


Lorenzo Vigas


  • Venezuela




90 min


Lorenzo Vigas


Isabella Monteiro de Castro

Director of photography: 

Sergio Amstrong


Alfredo Castro (Armando), Luis Silva (Elder)

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Synopsis : 

In the chaotic Caracas, Armando (50), owner of a lab dentures, is looking for young men at bus stops and offers them money to accompany him home. At the same time, Armando has the habit of spying on an old man: he knows where he lives, what places he visits; something in the past of both tie them together.
One day Armando takes home Elder (18), leader of a small band of thugs. From this meeting will born a relationship that will change their lives forever.

Director's biography: 

Venezuela, 1967. Graduated in Biology, he studyied film at NYU. In 1998 he returned to Venezuela to direct the documentary series Expedition. Between 1999 and 2001 he directs commercials and documentaries for Companies Bolivar Films and Cinesa. In 2004 he directs the short film, Elephants never forget, selected in the International Critics’ Week Festival Cannes in 20014.


Desde Allá - LM/ feature - post-producción / postproduction
2004 - Los elefantes nunca olvidan - Cortometraje / court-métrage / short.