Fortaleza Hotel (en)

Fortaleza Hotel

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Armando Praça


  • Brazil






Synopsis : 

Pilar, a young chambermaid at Hotel Fortaleza, will be leaving for Dublin after New Year’s in search of a new life. Her path crosses that of Shin, a south-Korean hotel guest who has come to Brazil to take her deceased husband’s body back to Seoul. Both their plans begin to go haywire and, despite everything that separates the two women, they wind up drawing closer and establishing an intense relationship of mutual solidarity as they endeavor to find solutions to their problems in each other.

Director's biography: 

Armando Praça is a Brazilian filmmaker. His films are known for their dramatic intensity and, most of all, in the solid construction of screenplays focusing the story plot and its characters. His first feature film, Greta, was first shown at the 69th edition of the Berlin International Film Festival. Included in his award-winning projects are both short and medium-length films: A Mulher Biônica, O Amor do Palhaço, Origem:Destino and Parque de Diversões. His films have already been seen at Clermont-Ferrand, Toulouse, Mecal and Barcelona and in over more than 30 film festivals.


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