La emboscada (en)

La emboscada

Chosen in: 

International title: 

The ambush


Daniel Hendler


  • Uruguay




80 min


Daniel Hendler


Daniel Yafalián, Matías Singer

Director of photography: 

Lucio Bonelli


Diego de Paula, Matías Singer, Ana Katz, José Luis Arias, Alan Sabagh, César Troncoso, Roberto Suárez, Verónica Llinás


Synopsis : 

Martin Marchand throws himself into the political contest. As a result of his work in the social media, a traditional political structure invites him to join their list. Martin calls in technicians and advisors to create his campaign image. Over a weekend, immersed in the bucolic setting of a country house, they get down to designing the leader’s image. But an infiltrator seeking to obtain information on the coming electoral alliance creates an atmosphere of mistrust.

Director's biography: 

Daniel Hendler has acted - and was internationally awarded - in numerous feature films such as 25 watts  (2001), El abrazo partido (2004), El rondo del mar (2003) or even Fase 7 (2011). He directed two short films , Perro Perdido (2002) co-directed with Arauco Hernandez and awarded by the "Artistic Innovation" of Clermont-Ferrand, and Cuarto de hora  (2004). In 2010, he directs his first feature film, Norberto apenas tarde,  winning the TVE Prize of the San Sebastián Festival, in the "Films in Progress" section. 


2010 - Norberto apenas tarde (feature film)
2004 - Cuarto de hora (short film)
2002 - Perro perdido (short film)
2001 - 6 de enero (short film)
1996 - 31 de diciembre (short film)