Mis hermanos sueñan despiertos (en)

Mis hermanos sueñan despiertos

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Claudia Huaiquimilla


  • Chile






Synopsis : 

Ángel (17) and his brother Franco (14) have been locked up in a juvenile prison for a year, awaiting the conviction of their case. Despite the hostility of the place, they form bonds with other young people and spend the days longing for what they will do when they finally go free.

The arrival of Jaime (17), a young rebel, changes everything when he proposes to escape through a riot. The idea is gaining adherents, and although Franco wants to join the plan, his brother Ángel knows that it’s not the safest. However, several family and judicial disappointments, along with fights, raidings and friends' suicides, will finally make Angel see this as his only possible way out, and the only way to save his brother from the growing wave of violence in the compound.

Unfortunately, what no young man suspects is that this escape attempt will eventually bring fatal results. Inspired by real events that occurred in southern Chile, 2007.

Director's biography: 

Chilean director of Mapuche origin. Her first short film “Saint John’s Eve” (2013), won the Special Jury Mention at 35th Clermont Ferrand, after a long international tour. Contextualized in the Mapuche conflict, she writes and directs her first feature film “Bad Influence” (2016), winner of 40 awards (Toulouse, Havana, Guadalajara), and premiered in cinemas in Chile and France. Currently, she’s preparing her second feature, “My brothers dream awake”, winner of SANFIC LAB 2018; 3 awards at the FICGuadalajara 2019 Co-Production Meeting; and the Audiovisual Production Fund 2019.


Pablo Greene Flaten y Mariana Tejos Martignon