Ojos que no ven (en)

Ojos que no ven
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International title: 

What the Eye Doesn't see

Original version: 



Francisco Lombardi


  • Peru




150 min


Mirada de Giovanna Pollarolo

Director of photography: 

Teo Delgado


Patricia Pereyra, Miguel Iza, Diego Bertie, Melania Urbina y Gianfranco Brero, Carlos Gassols, Carlos Alcántara, Gustavo Bueno, Mávila Huerta

Synopsis : 

Ojos que no ven narrates six stories of differing lenghts linked to one another by work, family, social and political connections. The characters come from different social classes, are of different ages in this attempt to draw a global social portrait. The opening scene shows two old men in a public hospital who constantly needle and insult each other, no holds barred. Narrated with humor, but with another tone, are the tales of Rodolfo (the judge's aid) and Eva, a young girl who cares about nothing except making a name for herself in the world of techno-cumbia dance music as well as those of Martín Chauca, Angélica and Manuel Pareja, two ex-agents trying to cover the tracks of tehir past. 


Director's biography: 

Director, producer and scripwriter. His interest in cinema dates from 1965. He combined his journalistic work with his studies in film producing at the University of Lima. Since 1974, he has produced and accomplished various short-lenght and feature films (Inca Films Productions S.A.), including Muerte al amanecer, La ciudad de los perros, Caídos del cielo, La boca del lobo and Tinta Roja, that have been rewarded with various prizes at national and international festivals.