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La Jauría

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Premier film


Andrés Ramírez Pulido


  • Colombia
  • France


80 min


Andrés Ramírez Pulido


Julie Duclaux


Pierre Desprats

Director of photography: 

Balthazar Lab


Johan Estiven, Maicol Jiménez Zarabanda, Carlos Blanco, Miguel Viera, Diego Rincón, Edinson Jhoani Barreto Guayara, Wismer Vásquez Ochoa, Juan Diego Mayorga, Duban Aguirre, Felipe Ortiz, Marleyda Soto, Ricardo Alberto Parra, Libardo Arturo Olaya


Synopsis : 

Eliú, a country boy, is incarcerated in an experimental penitentiary for minors in the heart of the Colombian jungle. Among the inmates is Eliú's friend El Mono, with whom he committed the murder that led to their conviction. Every day, the young prisoners do strenuous manual labour and intense group therapy. During his incarceration, Eliú meets the invisible One and transforms himself.

Photo credit: ©  Valiente Gracia / Alta Rocca Films


Granted: Aide au Cinéma du Monde - Production grant, FDC Proimágenes - Production Grant, Fondation GAN pour le Cinéma - production Grant, Pyramide distribution and Pyramide International - France rights and international mandatory, Huber Bals Fund - development grant, FDC Proimágenes - Development grant.

Pending: Région Ile de France - Postproduction grant / Vision Sud Est : Postproduction Grant / Doha Film Institute - Post Production Grant.

Director's biography: 

Andrés Ramírez Pulido is a Colombian director and producer, born in Bogota in 1989. He studied cinema and creative writing at the National University of Colombia. His short film, Damiana, was presented in Official Competition at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival and was selected in many other festivals like Toronto (TIFF) etc. His previous film, El Edén, was presented at the Berlinale in 2016 and awarded in Busan, etc. His short films are closely related to La Jauría, his first feature film.


2016 - El Edén - short film
2017- Damiana - short film

Production notes: 

Alta Rocca Films is an independent production film company created in 2017 and based in Paris, France. The company was founded by producers Jean-Etienne Brat and Lou Chicoteau. In Alta Rocca Films, we work with authors whose viewpoint questions the contemporary world. We are currently developing several short and feature-length projects in France and internationally.


Jean-Étienne Brat & Lou Chicoteau


Valiente Gracia, Andrés Ramírez Pulido & Sonia Barrer