Salsipuedes (en)

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Premier film


Mariano Luque


  • Argentina




70 min


Mariano Luque


Mariano Luque

Director of photography: 

Natalia König


Mara Santucho (Carmen), Marcelo Arbach (Rafa), Mariana Briski (Mère), Camilia Murias (Cocó)


Brief synopsis of the project: 

They have been lucky, the camp site is located in a forest with an imposing landscape. The birds are singing gently and, luckily, there aren't many tourists. Nevertheless, Carmen and her husband Rafa aren't able to enjoy their holidays. The visit of Carmen's mother and sister causes a sham sustained by trivial conversations and supposed family affection. So much natural beauty becomes menacing, Carmen will try to defend herself and to escape as she can. 


Seleccionado en la Cinéfondation - Festival de Cannes - Francia - 2011

Seleccionado en Forum - Berlinale - Alemania - 2012


It has received support from the Department of Culture of Córdoba (145€), the Department of culture of Villa General Belgrano (Córdoba) (218€) and the Provincial Council of Woman (Córdoba) (272€).


Director's biography: 

Mariano Luque was born in Córdoba, Argentina in 1986. Since 2004 he studies Cinema and Television in the National University of Córdoba. Since very young, he assisted various drawing and comic workshops. His short films Florida and Involución participated in various national and international festivals. In 2010 he directed the short film Secundario, produced in the "Cortópolis en acción" workshop, coordinated by Mariano Llinás. Salsipuedes is his first feature film. 


Florida, 2008, Fantasy (25 min)

Involución, 2009, Animation Stop-motion(1 min)

Secundario, 2010, Drama (14 min)

Notes de production: 

KL audiovisual was born in Córdoba, Argentina, in 2008, to incorporate a team of emerging professionals within the framework of independent cinema which is developing in the country. The main artistic proposition comes from its members' work, and bets on local talents and on the search for an indentiy able to develop and encourage te cinematographic creation. We essentially bet on the auteur cinema.