Sentados frente al fuego (en)

Sentados frente al fuego

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Alejandro Fernández Almendras


  • Chile




120 min


Alejandro Fernández Almendras


Alejandro Fernández Almendras

Director of photography: 

Inti Briones


Daniel Muñoz (Daniel), Alejandra Yañez (Alejandra)


Brief synopsis of the project: 

During the year, once per season, a man offers a present to his ill wife. They spent much of their life together and he observes silently the illness that is spreading, without anybody able to stop it. The four presents are simple, but they represent the most he can give: a recent-born kitten, a tête-à-tête night of love, a black and white television, a trip to get to know the snow. A meditation on love and death. 


Premio Work in Progress - SANFIC 7 - Chile - 2011


Aid to the scriptwriting and project development: CORFO, Chili.

Vision Sud Est Aid (open Doors Locarno film Festival), Switzerland.

Aid to the production: Audiovisual Development Fund, Chili.

World Cinema Fund Aid, Germany.

Still waiting for an answer: Ibermedia.



Desde lejos, 2004, short fiction movie (18 min)

Lo que trae la lluvia, 2006, short fiction movie (13 min)

Huacho, 2009, long-métrage, feature fiction movie (90 min)

Sentados frente al fuego, 2011, feature fiction movie (120 min)

Notes de production: 

El Remanso Cine was created in 2004 to design and develop audiovisual projects, first in the framework of short films, with Desde lejos (2004) and Lo que trae la lluvia (2006), then with feature films: Huacho (2009) and Sentados frente al fuego (2011).

"This company is looking for the development of a different cinema, not better not exclusive, only different, that has to do with the manager of making cinema that we like, that attracts and moves us"

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