Somos Mari Pepa (en)

Somos Mari Pepa
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First movie: 

Premier film


Samuel Kishi Leopo


  • Mexico




95 min


Samuel Kishi Leopo, Sofía Gómez Córdova


Yordi Capó, Carlos Espinoza


Kenji Kishi

Director of photography: 

Octavio Arauz


Alejandro Gallardo, Arnold Ramírez, Rafael Andrade Muñoz, Moisés Galindo, Jaime Miranda, Petra Iñiguez Robles



Synopsis : 

Alex, a 16 year old teenager living with his grandma has various plans to occupy himself during the summer: writing a new song with his rock band, finding a job and having his first sexual experience. He also becomes aware that his grandma is increasingly dependent on him. As summer draws on, Alex realizes that things are going to change forever and that he will have to grow up and learn to say goodbye.


Director's biography: 

Samuel Kishi Leopo (Mexico, 1984) graduated in Audiovisual Arts from the University of Guadalajara. His works have been presented in various festivals as Clermont Ferrand, Cannes critics’ week, Morelia... He is the winner of the Ariel for his short film Mari Pepa.


2013 - Somos Mari Pepa - Feature - Postproduction
2011 - Mari Pepa - Short - Fiction
2010 - Acerca del Drama de los Calcetines - Short - Experimental
2009 - Luces Negras - Short - Fiction
2006 - Memoria Viva - Short - Documentary

Production notes: 

TEONANACATL AUDIOVISUAL is a company specialized in the management and production of commercial, cultural and creative audiovisuals. With over 8 years of experience in the production of acknowledged works, of various genres and formats (documentaries, films, television, video). CEBOLLA FILMS is a young production house striving to promote the projects of Mexican directors. It has produced the short films Luces Negras, Acerca del drala de los calcetines, and Mari Pepa.