Donde Sueñan los Salvajes (en)

Donde Sueñan los Salvajes



Adrián Saba


  • Peru


Feature film



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Script writer(s): 

Adrián Saba


At some moment in our lives we all stop chasing our dreams. At some point reality becomes too strong for us to avoid it. It happens to all of us, and in this particular case, it happens very early to many abandoned teens in the city of Lima, who grow up orphan or in harsh family environments. They are left to fend for themselves and form gangs just for the mere sense of belonging somewhere. Sebastian, an eighteen-year-old afro-peruvian boy, is the quiet one of the gang, he receives daily bullying because of his inability to connect with the group of kids he hangs out with. He feels this isn't where he is meant to be. Until one day he meets Jaen's sister: Emilia. This is a problem because Jaen is the gang leader which makes Emilia unreachable for any boy who wants her. Nonetheless, Sebastian can't help his feelings and they will cautiously fall in love and fight to stay together in a world that plagues them and pushes their dreams away.

Visual concept: 

The cinematography and visual aesthetic is crucial part for the narrative of a film. It is just as important as the words being said by the actors, it's simply another language. We will shoot using a technique called free-lensing, in which the lens is not fully locked on to the camera allowing light to leak in. This will create flares that penetrate the images and will also give it a milky aspect as light sips in through the scenes, enhancing the dream sequences and any moment where the characters are being true.