The employer and the employee (EN)

The employer and the employee



Manuel Nieto


  • Uruguay


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

  • La perrera/ The dog pound, 2006. Competition,
  • El lugar del hijo/ The militant, 2013. Competition.


The film is about the relationship between an employee and his employer. How it thrives and after breaks. On the  tortuous relationship of both with happiness, freedom and work. The employer is a young owner of several rural businesses. He belongs to a new generation of agricultural operators who do not fit with the traditional stereotype of rural producer. He comes from a bourgeois family and he practices a modern life. But he has a great concern: the employer and his wife awaiting the result of a study about the health of their baby. They fear the worst. He has everything, except the health of their child. The employee is even younger than his employer. He is the eldest son of a local hunting guide and for the first time takes a job on the tractor. He lives in countryside amid a wild humility, even with their parents and the mother of his child. He has an urgent need for a proper job. He dreams to run a “raid” for which trains a horse. Tragedy ensues. The employee’s baby dies in a tractor accident drive by him. The guilt born in the employer’s soul and he start trying to help his employee giving what to do: he use it as a driver, leads him to a family reunion to do the roast, and finally lends a great horse to run the “raid” and make a big gamble for him.

Visual concept: 

The movement is the visual axis of the film. Not only for the permanent transfer of the characters from one place to another, such as a camera’s leitmotiv, accompanying them in surprising situations: boar hunting, fly by plane to Paraguay, the working on the tractor, following a horse and the rider on a "raid" or waiting waves at the sea. I know nothing more than this, keep the camera moving. Only stop to rest, look at something more closely or think.