Submersible (EN)




Alfredo León León


  • Ecuador
  • Mexico


Feature film




Four strangers locked in one submersible capsule trapped under the sea, on a seven- day trip from the coast of Ecuador towards North America. Reunited by different circumstances in an extreme situation. Nobody knows who the other one is or why they decided to be there. They fear each other. Sharing a claustrophobic and dangerous mission, carrying 10 tons of cocaine and a very special gift. A contained story exploring a human drama, specifically the relationship between Kleber, the mechanic who wants to find her daughter in the United States; Aquiles, a driver looking for recognition from a powerful cartel; Felix, an undercover DEA agent who wants to catch them, and La Reina, a young and innocent woman who is taken against her will as a "gift" to the cartel leaders. The goal of delivering the "goods" will be postponed by another one more immediate... survive and prevail.

Visual concept: 

A small confined claustrophobic place, fragile fiberglass structure, low ceiling chambers poorly illuminated, the constant tremble and the unstable felling of being underwater. In one word: Uncomfortable. A drug sub is not designed to be luxurious or friendly with its crew. The heat, the smell, the poor sanitary conditions and the stress have to be transmitted to the audience. Every little sound or voice is amplified and echoes. Most of the frame is dark. Faces and bodies come and go from the shadows where characters are not always on the light and action happens sometimes in the dark, augmenting the suspense and mystery around them.