Charo (en)




Leonel González


  • Venezuela


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Isla Sirena - Découverte Court-métrage fiction 2020, In partnership with the French Embassy in Venezuela.

Script writer(s): 

Leonel González, Juan Vespero


Marcel (30), a young music producer, is forced to return to his hometown after fifteen years, Margarita Island (Venezuela), to sell his father's house, who has just died. Once there, he meets Chino (30), his childhood friend. He also meets Charo (15), Chino’s younger sister, who in a fit of rage secretly kills a gamecock (fighting cock) that was under the care of his brother, but really belonged to a gangster named Humberto, who has control of the town’s water supply, and is also Chino’s boss. Charo is the price that Humberto sets for his dead rooster. Chino desperately seeks to pay off his debt in any other way. Humberto orders Marcel to be beaten, which makes Marcel reconnect with his violent past, and in complicity with Charo, they decide to attack him.

Visual concept: 

Since one of the readings of our story is the reconstruction of Marcel from his roots, the composition and harmony of the frame will be created during the scene, although this may not always be the case. Music will be an energizing element in the film. The musicality that Marcelo thought he had forgotten rekindles his inventiveness, leading him to mix his electronic music with organic sounds and with the popular music of his town, thus generating a balance between his roots and his current life.