Imaza Peru (en)

Imaza Peru



Imaza Peru


  • Peru


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Mujer de Soldado - Découvertes Documentaire 2021

Script writer(s): 

Patricia Wiesse Risso


Stories of love and heartbreak marked by tragic events are intertwined in Imaza, a territory whose river delimits the border between two worlds that do not meet. Alberto Tiwi and his wife go to the Judiciary. Because he participated in an indigenous protest, he faces a trial that can sentence him to life imprisonment. His great fear is not that he will be condemned, but that he will be separated from his wife. They arrive at the school that is in danger of disappearing due to the rising water level of the river. They are received by teacher Segundo, who has proposed to measure the depth of the water so that what he loves most is not destroyed. There is also a history of heartbreak. Haydée, a student who wants to flee to avoid the suicide due to love pains that have marked the women of the Awajún people.

Visual concept: 

Action will be prioritized. The bodies, gestures, expressions, relationships will be registered rather than speech or social facts and their political implications. The intention is collected as feelings, fears, concerns, joys and hopes through a story that flows naturally, without substituting emotion for rationality, and is in harmony with its habitat. The pace will be slow as the rural areas of the jungle. The voices of girls singing in awajum will be included.