Kaye (en)




Juan Cáceres


  • Chile


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Perro Bomba - Focus | Alfredo Castro 2021

Script writer(s): 

Juan Cáceres


Yeka, a 13-year-old girl, is forced to enter adulthood after a stray bullet kills her best friend. Due to impunity for those who shot her friend, Yeka starts her own investigation. Through Vanyelinna, a twelve year old girl who befriends her, she infiltrates a dangerous drug dealer's family who are considered guilty, only to find out that her suspicions are based on prejudices and that they are a loving and supportive clan who help her in her mourning process. When Yeka begins to develop feelings for the family, she finds out that the stray bullet was shot by a young member of the clan. She will have to decide if she accuses them or stays quiet. After all, justice is not as simple as its looks.

Visual concept: 

This film tells the story of Yeka, who lives in a small coastal town immersed in the timelessness of the constant murmur of the sea. The city is crossed by birds that unveil its half-finished buildings of light material, rusty tin roofs and walls twisted by the wind that give personality to this beach universe, both precarious and relaxed. This nature-modernity dialectic configures the particular atmosphere of this film, homologous to the transition from childhood to adulthood of our protagonist.