Las hijas de Alonso (en)

Las hijas de Alonso



Kattia González Zúñiga


  • Chile
  • Costa Rica
  • Panama


Feature film



Script writer(s): 

Kattia González Zúñiga


Irina and Tami are two teenage sisters who decide to travel from Costa Rica to Panama in search of Alonso, their father, despite not having had any contact with him for over ten years. The motivations of the sisters are as different as their personalities, Irina wants financial support from her father to study aviation and Tami wishes to recognised some of her personal features in him.
During the trip, the differences between the sisters are accentuated and both have to deal with the frictions that arise between them. When they arrive in Panama City, Irina and Tami meet other teenagers. The night before seeing their father, Irina has sex in the bathroom with the boy that Tami likes, what ends up distancing the sisters. At the end, Tami and Irina spend a day with their dad. Alonso does not fulfil their expectations, but the event will lead the sisters to reconnect with each other.

Visual concept: 

The audio-visual proposal aims to accentuate the differences between the two sisters. Tami has an introverted personality and doesn’t feel very comfortable with her body. She doesn’t like the heat so she is always seeking for shade and to go unnoticed she prefers to wear neutral colors. Irina on the other hand loves bright colors and feels very comfortable under the intense Panamanian sun. W will work with high contrasts between bright exteriors and dark interiors. The camera will move to closely portray the intimacy of the adolescent world.