Cautiva (en)

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Original version: 


First movie: 

Premier film


Gastón Luis Biraben


  • Argentina




120 min


Gastón Luis Biraben


Analía Lenchantin

Director of photography: 

Claudio Sordini


Barbara Lombardo, Silvia Bayle, Osvaldo Santoro, Mercedes Funes, Hugo Arana, Susana Campos, Julieta Díaz, Antonio Hugo, Margara Alonso, Noemí Frenkel, Roxana Berco, Lidia Catalano, Giselle Benoldi, Sol Bordigoni


Synopsis : 

15 year-old Cristina lives in Buenos Aires with her parents, Pablo and Adela Quadri. One morning, she is abruptly removed from her classroom at stric Catholic school taken before a judge, who claims to have proof that she is in fact Sofia Lombardi, the daughter of a young activist couple, architects, who disappeared during the country's so-called "dirty war" in the seventies, when thousands were kidnapped by the army, never to be seen again. The judge files away the document of Cristina's false identity and introduces her to her biological grandmother, Elisa Dominich. Shocked, stunned and rejecting this stranger, Cristina flees from the Judge's office. But a series of secret meetings and nightmare experiences finally lead the girl to discover fer true origin and accept her real identity, assuming a new life as Sofia Lombardi. 


Director's biography: 

He started to shoot movies with a small camera at the age of 10. In Buenos Aires he studied at the Escuela de Arte Cinematográfico (EDAC). He directed several shorts, some of wich garnered prizes at national and international competitions. He was, meanwhile, active as assistant director and as a cameraman He directed and produced, Retratos de la Memoria (1985). He worked in Hollywood and studied film at Los Angeles City College and at the University of California Los Angeles. Cautiva is his first feature film.