Fuera de juego (en)

Fuera de juego
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First movie: 

Premier film


Victor Arregui


  • Ecuador




122 min


Victor Arregui, Luis Arregui


Fabián Velasco

Director of photography: 

Germán Valverde


Manolo Santillán, Daniel Bustamante, Fabián Velasco, Ximena Ganchala


Synopsis : 

Fuera de Juego is the story of Juan, a sensitive young boy driven to delinquency by desperation and the effects on his family and environment of his country's social, economic and moral collapse. Marked by a mixture of timidity, unrequited love, his family's impoverishment, a good friend's imprisonment, generalized repression, corruption, despair and bad advice, the youngster turns to crime for the money he needs to make the dream of his life come true: he wants to leave the country and try his luck on another continent. 


Director's biography: 

As a photographer he has worked in Ecuador and in France. He started as a director of photography whith various short and feature films in his own country. He worked also as a director of photography and as cameraman for television and for documentaries on social issues. He has won international awards in Germany and in Cuba. His first short film El Tropezón (1999) was a production in the project Ecuador in Short. With the film production house Bochinche, which he cofounded, he made his first feature film, Fuera de Juego.