Inmersión (en)


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Nicolás Postiglione


  • Chile
  • Mexico






Synopsis : 

Ricardo is on a yacht with his two daughters, Claudia and Teresita. As they cross the lake, a group of three men ask them for help from a half-sinking boat. Fearful, he ignores them.
When Teresita finds out, she complains along with his sister until they convince Ricardo to go back.
But when they return, there are only two of them left. One of the brothers has swum out to get help. Forced and with the whole group on board, Ricardo helps look for the missing boy all over the lake, more and more distrustful. While the day and the patience of the  group is ending, a war breaks out between Ricardo and his daughter Teresita, in a tense journey that will not end well.

Director's biography: 

He completed his studies in Film at ARCIS University in 2007 with a mention in Film Direction. During those years he made several short films for which were awarded at national level. Since then, he has built a career as an advertising director for numerous Chilean production companies, professionalizing his craft by making commercials for many brands and advertising agencies nationally and internationally. Today he is among the ten most recognized locally, hoping to start a career abroad soon. In 2012, he was the beneficiary of the CNCA Audiovisual Fund to make the short film Calma, with which he has participated in numerous Latin American and European festivals.
He is currently preparing to finish his debut feature, Inmersión, while he is preparing to shoot his second feature, Bella cosa mortal, both financed by the Audiovisual Fund of Chile.


Isabel Orellana, Francisco Hervé, Moisés Sepulveda, Nicolas San Martin, Alejandro Wise, Juan Bernado Gonzalez