It's for you (en)

It's for you
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Chosen in: 


Bruno Lazaro Pacheco


  • Spain




102 min


Bruno Lazaro Pacheco


Mike Munn

Director of photography: 

Joris Jarsky, Jake Fry, Bruno Lazaro Pacheco, Alejandro Valbuena


Joris Jarsky, Edity Tankus, Sundra Rue Ros, Debra Felstead


Synopsis : 

Julian is a student in Toronto who has just come back from a trip to Barcelona where he has fallen in love with Sundra. Julian decides to send video letters. He records his everyday, sharing his life with the camera. Sundra intially forgets him but her interest is sparked when she receives the first tape. Julian's tapes become more and more introspective until he calls Sundra early one morning and hears a man's voice on the other end. Shattered, he confronts Sundra. She openly admits to having another lover and tells him he should do the same. She convinces Julian to secretly videotape his sexual encounters for her tosee. As he pursues this goal, he faces his darkest moment but also is offered a glimpse of clarity about love. 


Director's biography: 

Writer/director of fiction, documentary and experimental films including City of Dark (1998), screened at the Independent Film Project in New York, the Toronto International Film Festival and awarded "most innnovative film language" at Figueira da Foz, Portugal. Other films are The Traveller (1989), screened at the Festival International du nouveau cinema in Montreal, Swingspan (1986) and Hate to Love (1982), awarded at the Chicago International Film Festival and invited to the Directors Fortnight in Cannes.