La Sirga (en)

La Sirga
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First movie: 

Premier film


William Vega


  • Colombia
  • France
  • Mexico




88 min


William Vega


Miguel Schvenfinger



Director of photography: 

Sofía Oggioni Hatty


Joghis Arias (Alicia), Julio César Roble (Óscar), David Guacas (Gabriel), Floralba Achicanoy (Flora), Heraldo Romero (Fredy)


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Brief synopsis of the project: 

Alicia is helpless. She keeps recalling war and it comes to her mind like menacing thunder. Exiled by the armed conflict, she tries to start a new life in La Sirga, a derelict guesthouse set on the bank of a big lake high up in the Andes. It belongs to Oscar, an old unsociable and solitary man, the only family she’s got left. There on a muddy and unstable beach she will try and set down roots untilherfearsandthethreatof war reappear.


La Sirga film has received the following support: Grant from Fundación Carolina / Development incentive from the Colombian Fund for the Cinema Development / Ibermedia Program – Production and Development / Fonds Sud Cinéma 2011.


Director's biography: 

Media Studies researcher and journalist for the Universidad del Valle, William specialized in script-writing for Cinema and Television in the Madrid Escuela de Artes y Espectáculo TAI (2008). He has been working for 7 years as a director, script-writer and assistant director (Crab Trap) in cinema and television and teaches script-writing and directing in universities.


La Sirga - LM / feature - posproducción / postproduction
2011 - Simiente - CM / short 2005 - Tricolor Fútbol Club - CM / short
2003 - Sunrise - CM / short
2001 - Amnesia - CM / short

Notes de production: 

CONTRAVIA FILMS was created in 2006 by a group of Media Studies researchers and visual artists, aiming to build a solid platform of independant cinema in Colombia. It produced the feature El vuelco del Cangrejo (Crab Trap), the shorts Simiente and Flores and develops the feature Los Hongos. BURNING BLUE managed by Diana Bustamante have produced El Vuelco del Cangrejo y Los Viajes del Viento.