We Shall Not Be Moved (en)

No nos moverán

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Premier film


Pierre Saint-Martin Castellanos


  • Mexico


120 min


Pierre Saint-Martin Castellanos & Iker Compean Leroux


Roberto Bolado

Director of photography: 

César Gutiérrez Miranda


Luisa Huertas (Socorro), Rebeca Manríquez (Esperanza), José Alberto Patiño (Siddartha), Pedro Hernández (Jorge), Agustina Quinci (Lucía), Juan Carlos Colombo (Candiani)


Synopsis : 

Socorro (67) is a stubborn lawyer in the twilight of her life obsessed with the idea of finding the soldier that killed her brother in 1968 during the infamous "Tlatelolco massacre". This obsession has affected her relationship with her sister Esperanza (70) and her son Jorge (45). Suddenly, she receives the missing clue to locate the military man and decides to carry out an absurd operation to avenge the death of her brother risking her legacy, her family, and her own life.

Photo credit: © Jorge A. Ramos Carrillo


The script has been selected for the Morelia-Sundance Screenplay Lab and we have also received help from the Mexican government through the FOCINE fund to produce this film. We are currently waiting to hear from the following financing entities: FOCINE POSTPRODUCCION (Mexican government) VISIONS SUD EST PROCINE (a small fund dedicated to postproduction from Mexico City).

Director's biography: 

Pierre has academic training in Social Communication and a Filmmaking degree from CUEC-UNAM. His work has been featured and prized in international festivals. Pierre has been invited to participate at San Sebastián Film Festival workshops, Berlinale Talent Campus in 2012 and the Morelia - Sundance Screenwriters Lab 2019. No nos moverán is his first feature film and was shot with the support of FOCINE (Mexican government fund).

Photo credit: © Jorge A. Ramos Carrillo


2020 - Extraños en un tren - short film
2017 - ¿Y a ti qué animal te gustaría ser? - short film
2013 - La ahorcadita - documentary short

Production notes: 

Víctor Léycegui is a Mexico City-based producer interested in director-driven films focused on social and cultural processes, and in continuous search for co-productions and emerging talent. He is executive producer of Selva trágica, premiered at Venice International Film Festival. He also produced The Gasoline Thieves, winner of Best New Narrative Award at Tribeca Film Festival and Best Movie at Sitges Film Festival in 2019, amongst others.


Víctor Léycegui & Pablo Zimbrón


María Elena Gil & Joshua Sobel