Call for entries : Films in Progress 43

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TOULOUSE - 21 and 22 March 2024

Call for entries is now open


Films in Progress 43 will take place on 21 and 22 March 2024, as part of the Cinélatino, Rencontres de Toulouse Professional Platform. This is a pioneering inititive to support Latin American films at the post-production stage.

The cinema echoes a world facing a singular polycrisis, in a context of profound transformations. Given a highly changing filmmaking environment, Films in Progress proposes to contribute, pragmatically and effectively, to the completion of the films selected, and exposes these films to international visibility in the the professional community to facilitate their circulation and distribution. Films in Progress enables the filmmakers and producers behind the selected projects to meet and cooperate with professionals and acts as a springboard for these films to be released on screens and find audiences.


Films in Progress is more than ever committed to the values of solidarity and the founding challenges of this unmissable meeting with Latin American filmmakers and emerging talents who bring new perspectives. Our curiosity about them remains intact.

The selection of six films to be screened will be made by the Toulouse selection committee.


Since its creation in 200, 238 films have been screened over 42 sessions, to a loyal audience of professionals. More than half of these films have been finalised and selected in various sections of prestigious international festivals such as Cannes (29 films), Berlin, Venice, San Sebastián, Sundance, Locarno and Rotterdam. Many films discovered in this way are proving that they can work when properly supported.

By bringing together professionals from the cinema industry to help with the post-production of these films, Toulouse is promoting cultural diversity in a spirit of solidarity and cooperation.


Follow-up of films in progress projects :
  • Carvão, by Carolina Markowicz (Argentina, Brazil), award-winning to the European Distributors and Operators Award and the WIP Paradiso Award at Films in Progress 41, was selected in competition at the Miami Film Festival. By end 2022 was selected in competition in the Platform section of the Toronto International Film Festival, in the Horizontes Latinos section of San Sebastián Festival and at the Havana Festival. Urban Sales handled international sales
  • 1976, by Manuela Martelli (Chile, Argentina), award-winning to the Films in Progress 41 Grand Prize and the Film Français Award, won the Best Feature Debut Award at the 10th Prix Platino Awards
  • Utama, by Alejandro Loayza Grisi, (Bolivia, Uruguay, France), award-winning to the Grand Prize, the Special Cine + in Progress Award and the European Distributors and Operators Award at Films in Progress 39, won Best Original Score and Best Cinematography at the 10th Platino Awards
  • Levante, by Lillah Halla (Brazil, Uruguay, France), award-winning to the Special Cine + in Progress Award in Toulouse, the European Distributors and Operators Award and the WIP Paradiso Award at Films in Progress 42, was selected in competition at La Semaine de la Critique at Cannes where it received the FIPRESCI Award for First Feature Film, at the Biarritz Festival where it won the Abrazo Award for Best Film, at the Morelia Film Festival, the Huelva Festival and in the Opera Prima section at the Geneva Festival Filmar en América Latina
  • Mis hermanos sueñan despiertos, by Claudia Huaiquimilla (Chile), presented at Films in Progress 38 was at Cannes Écrans Juniors and won the Collégiens and Lycéens Grand Prize
  • El otro hijo, by Juan Sebastián Quebrada (Colombia, Argentina, France), presented at Films in Progress 42, was in competition in the Nuevos Directores section in San Sebastián Festival, at the Bogota International Film Festival, in Biarritz Festival and in Mar del Plata Festival
  • Diógenes, by Leonardo Barbuy (Peru), presented at Films in Progress 41, was in competition at the Bogota International Film Festival, the Lima Film Festival and in the Focus Sud section at the Festival Filmar en América Latina in Geneva
  • La Barbarie, by Andrew Sala (Argentine), award-winning to the Film in Progress Prize at Films in Progress 39, in competition at the Lima Film Festival won Jury Prize for Best Actor, Marcelo Subiotto
  • Valentina o la serenidad, by Ángeles Cruz (Mexico), award-winning to The Film Français Award at Films in Progress 42, was selected in Toronto International Film Fesival in the Discovery section, as well as at the Morelia Film Festival and in Huelva Festival


Many of the talented Latin American filmmakers have been discovered with their first films and supported by Films in Progress: Pablo Larraín, Jayro Bustamente, Ciro Guerra, Emiliano Torres, Pepa San Martín, Christopher Murray, Juan Sebastián Mesa, Lorenzo Vigas, Mariana Rondón, Alejandro Fernández Almendras, Sebastián Lelio, Juan Andrés Arango, Amat Escalante, Benjamín Ávila, William Vega, Marcela Said, Niles Attalah, Nicolas Pereda, Ana Katz, Celina Murga, Federico Veiroj, Diego Lerman, Kyzza Terrazas, Marialy Rivas, Manuel Nieto, Benjamín Naishtat, Cristián Jimenez, Pablo Agüero, Rubén Mendoza, Sofia Quirós, Jorge Riquelme, Theo Court, Beatriz Seigner, Paz Fabrega, Alejandro Loayza Grisi, Ángeles Cruz, Lillah Halla... among others.



  • The Films in Progress Toulouse Award
    Consists of a contribution of post-production services to be carried out in France, from prestigious associated organisations: a residence at the CCAS centre by Activités Sociales de l'énergie, post-production coordination by Eaux Vives Productions, image post-production services by French Kiss Studio (member of APIFA Occitanie), sound work by A Fabrica Studio, and technical work by Titrafilm
  • The Special Ciné + In Progress Award
    Consists of a pre-purchase from the film's French distribution company for broadcast on Ciné+
  • The European Distributors and Operators Award
    Europa Distribution, the international network of independent film publishers and distributo, will promote the award-winning film to its network of over 120 members in 32 countries in Europe and beyond. The CICAE will promote the award-winning film on its networks and through a newsletter; it will inform its 2474 members cinemas and encourage the circulation of the film by allowing them to view it on its video libray Cinando
  • The WIP Paradiso Award
    Projeto Paradiso, a brazilian philanthropic initiative, is awarding a grant totalling $10,000 to support the final post-production work and internationalisation of a majority-Brazilian-produced feature film selected in Films in Progress Toulouse
  • The Film Français Award
    Consists of the presentation of the winning film in the form of an article or interview in one of the editions of Le Film Français magazine or Cannes Market News.


Requirements for submitting the films :

  • Feature films must be a majority or minority Latin American production
  • Films must be at the post-production stage (first cut minimum)
  • The final running time of the films must be 60 minutes or more
  • Films must be edited to a minimum length of 45 minutes
  • The film submitted for selection must be subtitled in English, or in Spanish if it is not spoken in Spanish
  • Submissions is free of charge
  • The deadline for entries is 15 January 2024

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In case the film is selected :

  • The director and the producer must be present in Toulouse from 19 to 23 March 2024
  • The film must have English subtitles
  • Screening format: one DCP copy + one back-up copy on disk
  • The selection will be announced in early March 2024


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