Films in Progress : presentation

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In 2002, San Sebastián Film Festival and the Rencontres Cinémas d'Amérique Latine de Toulouse went into partnership to organise a “Films in Progress” section dedicated to independent Latin American feature films unable to complete the postproduction stage due to a lack of means.


In 2020, this double event was organised jointly with Lima Film Festival PUCP and presented an annual selection of 12 works-in-progress in two sections: 6 films in March in Toulouse and 6 films in August in Lima.


This initiative is the answer to an urgent request from Latin American producers and directors who are facing difficulties finalising their films due to a lack of funding. There very frequently exists a disparity between a director’s creativity and the funds available to these directors.


Films in Progress propels the meeting and cooperation between producers of the selected works-in-progress and European partners to enable the films to reach screens and audiences. These two sessions contain more than 300 professionals who are among the most influential in Europe and internationally. Therefore, Films in Progress is the unmissable strategic meeting with Latin American films and professionals connected to Latin America.


Over the last few years, Films in Progress has efficiently contributed to the finalisation, distribution and commercialisation of the most noteworthy Latin American films: Tony Manero by Pablo Larraín, Gloria by Sebastián Lelio, Sangre by Amat Escalante, La sombra del caminante by Ciro Guerra, Los Perros by Marcela Said, Ixcanul by Jayro Bustamante, La Familia by Gustavo Rondón Córdova, Los tiburones by Lucía Garibaldi, Los silencios by Beatriz Seigner, among others.


By bringing together film professionals capable of contributing to those films’ post-production, and by encouraging distributors and promoters to diversify their offer, Cinélatino, Rencontres de Toulouse hope to develop and strengthen, with as much pragmatism and efficiency as possible, the respect for the promotion of cultural diversity based on a spirit of solidarity and cooperation.