Bandeira (en)




João Paulo Miranda Maria


  • Brazil
  • France


Feature film



Film exhibited in Toulouse: 

Memory House - Compétition Long-métrage de fiction 2021

Script writer(s): 

João Paulo Miranda Maria


At the end of the 17th century, in the heart of the Amazon, a Portuguese settler is in search of gold to restore his family's former prestige. Jonas, a young boy with indigenous and European origins, dreams of continuing the quest for gold initiated by his ancestors. Torn between two roots, he will sooner or later have to confront his past to understand the true origins of this quest, and discover who he really is.

Visual concept: 

João’s films deal with conflicts between cultures. The intention is to bring the perception of nature as something translucent, an untouchable aura. João’s attraction for the indigenous culture is motivated by its spiritual connection with the forest. His participation in shamanic meetings has inspired him a new way of observing nature. The relationship between textures, sounds and the speed of thought is then intensified. The goal is to involve a physical and intense perception.